Why choose us?

Our Vision

We want to make our brand “BLACKING” a leading and most trusted tyre brand for our clients in India and overseas. We believe in our capabilities and will continue with research to improve the durability, reliability & performance of our products.

Why Us

  1. Professional Tyres Supplier.
    ★ Extensive Production Line Including OTR, Agriculture, Implement, Industrial, Three Wheeler, Two Wheeler Tyre, Solid Tyre and Repair Patches etc under one roof.
    ★ Full Range of Sizes.
    2. Excellent Raw Material
    ★ Natural and Synthetic Rubber Imported from Malaysia and Thailand.
    ★Steel Cord Imported from BELGIUM.
    ★Carbon Black are from China & USA.
    3. Strict Quality Control
    ★ Perfect Formula
    ★ Advanced Equipments with High Technology.
    ★ Well-Trained Skilled Workers.
    ★ Strict Inspection Before Delivery.
    ★ Certified With ISO9001:2015
    4. Services
    ★ Competitive Prices Based On Quality.
    ★ Delivery Period: 4-6 weeks.
    ★ Win-Win Marketing Plan.
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